How To Clean A Coffee Maker With Bleach

How To Clean A Coffee Maker With Bleach

Although it’s easy to do, washing a coffee maker using bleach is not a great idea. It’s because bleach is a harsh and hard chemical that’s also not safe for consumption.

Even if you use extremely diluted water solutions to sanitize dishes in some commercial settings, you need to dry them to get their complete effectiveness.

But you can’t do it for the inside of the coffee maker. So, you need to know how to clean a coffee maker with bleach along with a safe way to keep things undamaged.

Why Should You Clean A Coffee Maker Often?

The most important reason is to clean your coffee maker because it is inside buildup mineral deposits and coffee residue. These things may change the taste of the coffee and block the elements of the coffee maker.

Over time, the issue may be bigger, and it can damage the brewer’s proficient drip operation. Even though coffee grounds come with oils, they don’t come out by their water rising.

If you’re not cleaning the brewing basket and other elements often, you will notice that the coffee is becoming more and bitterer. The moisture inside of coffee makers help to grow molds, yeast, and bacteria from the coffee grounds. That’s why you should also know how to clean a moldy coffee maker.

Also, its deposit of minerals in the hard water will make the water channel narrower. As a result, the coffee maker will be slow if you don’t remove them slower gradually. These are why you should clean your coffee maker frequently. So, when you buy a coffee machine, you should learn how to clean a coffee maker with bleach effortlessly.

Cleaning Coffee Maker with bleach

Cleaning Coffee Maker with bleach

Here is a quick video recap on how to clean a coffee maker with bleach:

If you use a coffee maker, then you should know the cleaning process of it. But, if you have no idea about cleaning it, you will learn about it here. You will see the cleaning process with bleach.

All the steps will be here for you so that you can do it easily. If you do not like to clean the coffee machine with any chemical, it will be a great option. Also, you will know what you should not wash with the bleach. So, check it out to know how to clean a dirty coffee maker.


Firstly, do not just select bleach and apply it for cleaning. Bleach is extreme stuff, and it can damage the inside of the coffee maker. So, do not only use it. It will work well for cleaning the stain of it.

But, if you apply the bleach to the coffee maker, it may damage permanently. Therefore, you can use bleach to clean the stain or spot.


The glass of the coffee maker will be safe if it is away from the beast or man. You can clean a coffee maker by using commercial products, and it will help you clean it well. Sometimes, you may not like it, and you can apply some natural products like baking soda and vinegar.

It can clean up inside the coffee machine without any damage. This is a good option for cleaning coffee makers. Even easily and quickly, you can do the job without facing any problem.


Now, it’s time to clean the coffee pot. Indeed, it would be best if you cleaned it properly. So, fill the coffee pot with clean water, then add rubber gloves. After that, get some cloth or the old sponge. Now dip it in the water what you put in the vinegar pot.


After the previous process, fill the coffee pot with normal water 3 to 4 times. Also, keep doing it until the pot become clean properly. In the next cycle, take some dish soap and add it with water.

Then apply this mixture to clean the coffee pot. Ensure you are not using any difficult thing to clean it because it may make some pot. This is the time to wash the coffee pot. Well, keep washing until the detergent does not go away.


Moreover, it becomes dry well keep it in the right place to not break. As it is clean properly, you can use it for making coffee. This is ready to do the job. So, make coffee and enjoy it. This is how to clean a coffee maker with bleach with ease.

Use vinegar to clean a coffee maker

Use vinegar to clean a coffee maker

The magical liquid may remove all the dirt from the coffee maker. First of all, take white vinegar in the pot. Now stick a bowl and place it, and then turn on your coffee maker. The mixture will work like magic to clean the coffee maker.

Also, repeat the cleaning process several times, so that you get the best result. This technique will help you clean it properly. Well, it will not take much time, and the task is not so challenging.

Easily you can dot and. The clean coffee maker will make you feel good when you make a coffee cup after cleaning it. Apply this technique and see the result of it.  

Apply baking soda

Cleaning Coffee Maker with baking soda

However, if you do not have white vinegar, you can use baking soda. That will be an excellent option for cleaning the coffee maker. Generally, baking soda and vinegar is almost the same kind of product. But you need to add baking soda quarter cup with warm water.

Plus, if you do not apply warm water, then baking soda will not work well. Also, make sure you mix baking soda and warm water before applying it to the coffee maker. Once this baking soda is dissolved correctly, you can use it for cleaning your coffee maker.

After the mixture is ready, pour the mixture into the coffee pot and then turn it on. Keep repeating it a few times, and then the coffee pot will become clean like now.

Baking soda is handy stuff to clean the coffee pot. This is a kind of magic. Once you apply this technique, you will love it. Try this for cleaning the coffee pot and check the result.

Clean the coffee maker applying lemon

Clean the coffee maker applying lemon

You cannot clean the inside of the coffee machine. So, you need to follow some techniques for doing it. Firstly, try to clean it by using water. For this, run the cycle and clean as much as possible.

Now, mix lemon juice around half-cup with the same amount of water. Pour this mixture into the coffee pot and keep it. Keep it like this for around 15 min.

Moreover, start the machine now. Repeat this several times, and it will work well to clean inside the coffee machine. If you need, repeat this process 3 to 3 times for a better result.

Finally, wash it with clean water. After that, use the mild dishwasher for the final look. Let it dry and see the final result.

Precautions after & before cleaning

Children: If you have any children in the house, you should keep all kinds of cleaning products safely. Make sure your child can’t reach out there. Otherwise, it may create some unwanted issues. Try to stay safe and keep your child safe as well.

Mixing: You should not mix cleaning products and chlorine at a time. It will be an acidic mixture and may harm the product you will clean. Avoid using such kind of things.

Protection: While cleaning anything with bleach, try to protect the hands. If you do not wear gloves, it may make the hands scaly and rough. So, always use gloves while using bleach.

Ventilation: Try to ensure that the place you will use for bleach has a good ventilation system or open the window. So, don’t forget these safety precautions while cleaning coffeemakers with bleach.

Related FAQs & Their Answers

Let’s know some related FAQs along with their answers:

Can I Safely Use Undiluted Bleach to Clean Your Coffee Maker?

No, it would help if you did not do it. It’s because this is not safe to use undiluted bleach when you need to clean the coffee maker. Apart from this, it’s very unsafe to use dilute bleach.

So, you should not use bleach to clean your coffee if you don’t have enough experience with particular training. Also, it needs some proper tools with safety precautions.

Can I Be Sick While Using Dirty Coffee Maker?

Yes, absolutely you can be. It’s because fungi and bacteria like to stay in warm and wet environments. And your coffee maker has that type of environment inside it. There are unsafe bacteria that can harm your body.

How Often Should I Descale My Coffee Maker?

The frequency of descaling of your coffee maker depends on the situation of water in the house. If you always use soft water, it may don’t need it to descale at any time. But, for others, it’s good to descale their coffee maker once a month.

Though we have also the How to Clean a Burnt Pan with Salt, where we have highlighted the How to Clean a Burnt Pan with Salt.

Final Words

You have learned much about how to clean a coffee maker with bleach. So, you know that it’s not very easy to clean your coffee maker using bleach, like buying a new coffee making machine.

But, as a coffee lover, you should use the machine, and also, you need to clean it to remain safe. Bleach indeed is one of the most effective ways to keep your coffee maker clean. However, this is not the safest way.

Conversely, you by now can use bleach for your dirty coffee making machine following the given instructions. It would help if you did not use undiluted bleach and always use plenty of water to clean your coffee machine after using the beach.

So, that’s all about how to the best way to clean your coffee maker & enjoy!