How to Clean a Burnt Pan with Salt: An unbelievable Easy Method

How to Clean a Burnt Pan with Salt
How to Clean a Burnt Pan with Salt | Brand Beast Reviews

No chef would willfully scorch his precious pan. However, it’s a widespread accident that happens in many kitchens. Here are simple sure steps on how to clean a burnt pan with salt. Also, we discussed additional methods, like- Cleaning with Baking Soda, Using cola, and Using Dryer sheets. Hope these methods will help you a lot. So, Let’s dig in.

Instead of lamenting over burnt pans, here is the remedy. If you follow it keenly, it will help you clean a burnt pot and restore its original image.

You only need to employ the commonly available items: salt and water.

Steps to Cleaning Burnt Pots, Pans and Cookware in about 15 minutes

Clean a Burnt Pan with Salt

If you don’t employ the pro cleaning tips by using salt, then you may invest a lot of effort, and still, you don’t realize success in removing burnt marks from a pan.  

But we would all wish to inject less water and energy, right? Read on to learn pans cleaning tricks!

The Requirements

  • Water
  • Salt
  • Source of heat for the pots
  • The burnt pans
  • Scrubbing sponge
  • Dish gloves

Cool it Down

Working with hot cookware only complicates the whole process, and you also risk sustaining burns. Therefore, the initial step in how to clean a burnt stainless steel pan is to give it enough time to cool down. 

Soak the Pots

When you can comfortably touch the pan, then it has attained a safe temperature. Bring some clean water to a medium temperature and add it to the pot.

Depending on the diameter of the pan add about two or three table salt to the warm water. Stir so that the salt disappears.

Ensure that the salty water covers the burn residue areas. Let the liquid soak the pan for about 4 to 5 minutes undisturbed. 

Boil the Solution 

After a few minutes have elapsed, the next step on how to clean stainless steel cookware that is burnt is to bring the mixture to boil. So, take the pan, place it on the stove, and heat till it bubbles. 

The bubbling salt water dislodge the stuck burnt material from the pan. Let it continue to boil for about a quarter of an hour.

Salt scrub the more difficult stains

If the pot wasn’t seriously burnt, then the 15 minutes of boiling will loosen the stains. Therefore, peep at the bottom of the pan. Are the stains clearing off? Can you still see traces of dirt in the pans? 

That isn’t surprising, to clean a burnt pot stubborn stain, empty the solution from the pan such you leave about a quarter of the initial volume. 

Increase the concentration of the salt in the water by a few tablespoonsful of table salt. Since the pan and the content are still hot, wear a pair of dish gloves. Then using a scrub sponge, scrub the uncleansed spots till they clear away. 

Clean the Regular Way

Having reached this far on the process of how to clean a burnt pan with salt, the last stage is to clean the entire interior surface with the help of warm soapy water. 

Rinse thoroughly and dry with a kitchen towel. 

How About Cleaning Stubborn Burn Marks from a Nonstick Pan Using Salt?

  • Extend Soaking Duration

In an attempt to remove stubborn marks and clean nonstick pan with salt, most individuals rigorously rub pans. That can be detrimental especially when you use a sharp or coarse substance.

Instead of soaking the pan for a few minutes as mentioned before, you can extend it overnight before proceeding to the boiling stage.

  • Lemon Plus Salt

Cut a fresh lemon and sprinkle some salt on either side of the halves. Then take one half at a time and rub it gently on the stubborn burn marks on the pan. Rinse and dry off the pans.

  • Fresh Potato

Chop it into two equal parts. Sprinkle a pinch of salt on the freshly cut side. Then gently rub the potato on the bottom and sides of the pan that had the burn marks. 

Here is a quick video recap on how do you clean a pan with salt:

Alternative Methods

Besides using salt, there are also other substances you can employ to clean a burnt pot or pans effectively.

Cleaning with Baking Soda

Cleaning with Baking Soda

Cleaning burnt pots, pans, and cookware with baking soda is very simple. Take some clean water and add it to the pan such that it barely covers the bottom. Pour in one cup of vinegar into the same pot and heat to boiling point.

Remove from the stove and add approximately two tablespoonful of baking soda. Allow the pan to rest for a couple of minutes before washing with a soft scourer brush. 

Using Cola

Using Cola

To clean a burnt pan with cola, open a bottle of Coke and pour in the cookware to barely cover its bottom. After soaking it for a couple of hours, dislodge the residues with a blunt wooden spoon. 

Using Dryer sheets

Using Dryer sheets

You don’t have to fret over the procedure on how to clean a burnt stainless-steel pan with dryer sheets

Just take the ordinary dishwashing soap and squeeze a couple of drops into the pan. 

Next, pour warm water to cover the base of the pan. Then push down a dryer sheet into the water to cover the base and let it sit for some hours. The burnt pan should then be easy to clean with very minimal effort. 

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Why Should I Let the Pan Cool Off Before Cleaning?

Besides you getting burnt, you risk causing pots to warp and hence reduce their effectiveness. 

What Materials Must You Not Use When Cleaning Burnt Pots? 

Do not employ sharp objects, scouring pad, or steel wool on the pans. They will surely remove the nonstick pan. 

Final Verdict:

Follow the above tips, and you won’t have to use a lot of energy to clean a burnt pan. Next time you accidentally scorch a pan you know what to do.  Do you now know how to clean stainless steel cookware that is burnt with salt?

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