How Many Ribs Per Person? Amazing BBQ Planning 2022

At any party or family get-together, meals take center stage. Running out of ribs in a barbecue is a shame. Therefore finding the answer to the question of how many ribs per person, may not be easy for an inexperienced chef.

That’s why we wish to give you a few tips on how to go about approximating how many pounds of ribs per person to cook. When you master these tips you should find it trouble-free to feed to a large crowd of mixed age groups.

Therefore, let’s begin with the key questions that will help you draw out your budget. 

The Fundamental Questions To address

Addressing the following concerns will help you narrow down the quantity of food to prepare for the guests;

Partying Time

When do you wish to throw the party? And how long do you expect it to last? If you plan on hosting your friends at night instead of lunch hours for protracted hours, then they are more likely to consume more ribs. Besides, an extended party will see guests go for more than one serving.  

Number of Side Dishes

The issue of how many baby back ribs per person also depends on the number of side dishes you’ll prepare. For example, to cut down on the quantity of meat consumed by each person, you can include more heavy side dishes such as cheese and potato.

Drinks Such as Alcohol on The Table?

Any experienced chef will tell you that if you include alcoholic drinks in the menu, then expect the meat consumption to shoot up. In that case, it’s advisable to include about 30% more ribs than the standard consumption rate. 

Any Other Flesh in the Menu?

You can also dictate how many pounds of ribs per person by including poultry in the menu. But if ribs are the only meat you have included in the menu, then expect each person to consume more pounds of the flesh. 

Age Composition of the Partying Members

Another factor to consider is the age of the partying members. Do you expect kids, teens, or adults at the party? Each age group eats differently, with teenagers consuming the most. However, in the ordinary setting, children of age 12 and below eat about half the amount consumed by an adult.  

So, How Many Ribs Person?

Here are a few vital points to consider too. Remember, a complete rack consists of about 12 or 13 ribs. However, not all varieties of ribs have identical lengths. For example, when you compare a baby-back and spare ribs, the former is much smaller. 

In the usual setup, one adult feeds on about half a pound of meat. But ribs possess bone-in meats, hence don’t conform to the stated rule of law.

Nevertheless with that said a rib can happily provide 1 or 1 ½ servings. So you can use that as a general guideline for how many ribs per person to plan for. 

When you include heavy salads in the menu then approximately 3 to 4 ribs should be enough for an adult. On the contrary, if spare ribs are the main meal or alcoholic drinks are on the menu then you can increase the ratio to about 5 for every guest. 

For the question of how many baby back ribs per person, you may need to increase the number to 6 since they are much smaller. On the other hand, beef back ribs are significantly larger. Thus even 2 or three ribs should happily satisfy an individual. 

But overall it’s good to know the eating pattern or habits of your guests. Also, it’s safer to have a few ribs leftover than have unquenched appetites.    

Do You Know How to Keep Ribs Warm as You Wait for Serving Time?

Preparing enough barbecue ribs for a vast crowd from a small grill isn’t that easy. Nobody loves being served with cold ribs. So here is the trick on how to keep already barbecued ribs warm as you wind up cooking.

How to Keep Ribs Warm

Pour hot water in the ordinary cooler box, close the lid and leave the set up to rest for about half an hour. Then empty the water, place an uncontaminated towel at the bottom of the cooler box. After that pick a disposable aluminum tray and rest it on top of the clean towel. 

Then pick the freshly prepared ribs from the grill, wrap them with a foil correctly then keep them on the laid aluminum tray. Finally cover with a second towel before closing the cooler’s lid. 

That way you won’t have to worry about how many baby back ribs per person to cook; the cooler can keep it warm for about an hour safely. 

But How Can You Store Leftover Cooked Ribs?

If after the end of the celebration you realize you have more ribs left, you shouldn’t worry about how to treat them. Sometimes in determining how many ribs per person for your guest you might overestimate. 

Can You Store Leftover Cooked Ribs

Instead of throwing them away, you can freeze them nicely for later use. The initial step is to let the cooked ribs cool down at room temperature. Then spread them out evenly in the right container; never let ribs stack on each other. A vacuum sealer such as Weston Pro-2300 Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer or SLAOUWO Vacuum sealer machine proves helpful



How Many Ribs in a Rack?

A rack comprises about 10 to 13 ribs in the standard setting, assuming a butcher doesn’t trim off spoilt ribs.

How Many lbs. of Ribs Per Person?

Most experienced butchers and chefs agree to the rate of 3/4lbs to 1lbs per person.

How Many Pounds of Spare Ribs Per Person?

Although it depends on other factors such as side dishes, about 1½ lbs. should suffice

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Your ability to answer the question of how many ribs per person or how many pounds of ribs per person for the next barbecue correctly depends on several factors. That’s why the post gives you tips on how to go about the subject. 

All you need is to draw your budget in advance and make the vital preparation in time. But if some of your friends fail to show up, you know how to preserve the excess barbecued ribs!